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This is what standing for something is all about. I raise a glass in praise to Southern Star Brewing Company for being open, honest, and making a choice based on best practices not on profit. Cheers! ... See MoreSee Less

Attention ladies and gentlemen, Southern Star Brewing Co. has decided to not publicly release our Barrel Aged Winter Warmer this year. We aged the beer in peated Scotch barrels for over a year, and packaged it in 16 oz. cans for a limited public release early this year. But after tasting the beer, and discovering through newly acquired lab equipment that the beer has a high level of microbiological contamination, we determined that this would not be a beer that we would be proud to release for our customers to enjoy. We will be selling a small amount of it through our taproom, but Texas state law does not allow us to sell any full cans to be consumed off of our property. We apologize to anyone who was excited to buy this beer for their beer cellar. For starters, the contamination in the beer is nothing that would harm anyone who drinks it, other than possibly giving you an upset stomach. The wild yeast that got into the beer is commonly used in sour beer production, so your physical reaction to this beer would be similar to what you experience from drinking any of the delicious sour or wild beers that are widely available. Our concern was that, while the beer didn’t taste sour, since we added fresh Winter Warmer to balance the barrel taste, we couldn’t be confident in predicting where the flavor of the beer would lead, since there was now a fresh source of sugars for the wild yeast to consume, producing additional flavors and aromas. We are not experienced with wild yeasts, and won’t pretend to be. We focus on traditional ale and lager styles, with some experimentation with hops and malt. Sour beers tend to develop their flavors over time more so than traditional styles, and we don’t have the expertise to know what to expect how the flavor would evolve if left unopened for months or years. We pride ourselves on knowing what flavors the consumer should expect out of our beers, and simply put, this isn’t our wheelhouse. The barrel character was also of concern to us. When we were planning on putting Winter Warmer into Scotch barrels in late 2016, we decided to use barrels from an Islay distillery, to provide a unique and bold barrel flavor component to the finished, blended beer. Islay Scotch is well known for having a more peaty, smoky, medicinal flavor than other types of Scotch. After being aged for over a year, the beer developed flavors that we found to be unpleasant. Even after blending fresh Winter Warmer, the smoky characteristic was still, to say the least, profound. People who enjoy peaty Scotches such as Islays may very well like this beer, but we felt it would be overwhelming and unpleasant to the general barrel aged beer customer. At the prices we have to charge for these special beers to offset costs of lengthy storage time and the cost of the barrels, we don’t feel that it would be fair to the customer to be offered a beer whose can doesn’t mention these unanticipated flavors. Customers who buy barrel aged beer are used to certain flavors that barrel impart, such as vanilla or coconut, but should expect them to be within a certain threshold. These flavors exceed what we feel is an acceptable threshold (trust us, you can taste the smoke), and feel that selling this beer through our distribution partners could leave customers feeling let down. Once it leaves our dock, we have little to no control how the beer is stored, or for how long. We aim to be proud of every beer that is released by our brewery. Part of this pride is believing that our customers will have a good experience with our product, and would be willing to purchase our beer again, whether it be the same beer, or another from our portfolio. Our goal is to produce beers that make customers excited about our beer’s flavor, consistency, and desire to continue to support us. We don’t feel that this beer made the grade. On a more positive note, we will be selling cans of this beer through our taproom until we determine that the flavor has changed more than we find acceptable. If you like peaty Scotch, this may be a favorite for you. We’ve also already filled Scotch barrels with this season’s Winter Warmer, and hope to release it about a year from now. We used barrels from a milder Scotch, so we hope to avoid the strong flavors of this year’s batch that we found unpleasant. We will continue to use our new lab equipment to identify infected barrels, and remove them before being blended with beer from clean barrels. Our commitment to providing interesting, delicious beers for our customers will continue to drive our decisions, and we hope you look forward to next winter’s barrel aged Winter Warmer. Assuming it passes muster. Thank you

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As Houston defrosts Jugs is open now until 7 tonight. Regular hours resume Thursday. Y’all be safe out there! Cheers! ... See MoreSee Less

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Since all the rest of Houston is having a snow day, we will too! Stay warm and safe, Jugs will reopen Wednesday. ... See MoreSee Less

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